At an onset of a diagnosis of terminal illness, it can take a heavy toll. Many emotions and feelings come to the surface, such as anger, depression, anxiety, and regret. It is imperative to know that you can reconcile your emotions and still enjoy life and the time you have left.

I will be attending a workshop in late March to increase my skills as a hypnotherapist working with those who are dying and their caregivers. I will update this section following my class.

Living with Cancer

Bowenwork for those living with cancer

Compassionate touch is essential for humans to thrive emotionally, physically and mentally, especially during illness and times of distress. It reduces pain, tension, nausea, anxiety and physical discomfort, and improves self-esteem, a sense of well-being and calm. Bowenwork can improve the quality of life for people living with cancer, with consideration for their particular needs and vulnerabilities. Compassionate Bowenwork practitioners can help clients' experience be less isolating through their treatments, applying gentle procedures to support recovery, and create deep healing connections to give clients a sense of pleasure, hope, and being ‘'whole" again.

People undergoing treatment for cancer have found that Bowenwork has helped them with the following:

  • reducing the side effects of their treatments
  • extending the period of good days between treatments
  • keeping a positive attitude
  • keeping strong throughout the treatment program, and not having to reschedule treatments due to being too weak.

Hypnotherapy for those living with cancer

Medical Hypnotherapy can be used at several levels of cancer care. First, it is used as a means of dealing with the symptoms of the disease itself: pain and symptoms associated with specific or organ systems; and nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue, malaise, irritability, and insomnia. Second, hypnotherapy is helpful in the management of the side effects of cancer treatments. This is crucial because the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation--such as nausea and vomiting--are often so unpalatable that they may cause the patient to drop out of therapy. Third, hypnotherapy helps to address the emotional and psychological issues that surface. Lastly, hypnotherapy can be used to modify the course of the disease process itself through imagery.

Chronic Pain

Pain is used by the body as a warning signal that all is not right with the physical body and also covers up our emotional states and selves, often masking the pain with a physical pain within the body. Our body reflects our mind, and it is our mind’s way of asking for help. Chronic pain is defined as pain that has lasted six months or longer.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful treatment for chronic pain, and can be used in a variety of ways, providing relief from the pain and the related emotions without negative side effects. It can:

  • Reduce suffering
  • Lessen pain’s interference with daily activities
  • Lessen dependence on medications
  • Increase self-regulation abilities
  • Enable the person to better incorporate their resources into daily life

Women’s Wellness

“When we lift up women, we lift up the whole world.” Author Unknown

We need to incorporate a paradigm shift from disease management to health and wellness promotion, and advocate empowering women to become aware and take responsibility for their own health, which in turn may improve the potential for the wellness of their families, future generations and ultimately, the global community. A woman needs to understand that she has some control over her life and to be motivated to embrace healthy life-style habits, including health-screening, self-care practices and access to a resourceful network of supportive health-care providers, in order to sustain life-long health and wellbeing.

I feel it is important to guide my female clients towards Primary Health Care resources, to educate and support my clients in feeling empowered to make informed choices in taking charge of their health.

Bowenwork is safe for all ages with just a few contraindications for pregnant women. Bowenwork can assist with all types of health issues regardless of what stage of life you are in.


I first saw a flyer about Coastal Bowenwork in a local office.  I studied it over, found it very interesting as well as informative and left a message about Bowenwork.  Quickly there was a return call. I was reassured by the very interesting and helpful information and set up an appointment to meet with Celia.

This woman has a sincere heart for helping me, she is focused on the person she is with and explains exactly what she will do, and never rushes me at all. She is reassuring in all areas of my needs making sure I am comfortable at all times.

Celia continues in her training to learn more.  And she is so good about returning any call quickly and helpful with advise. 

She makes time in her schedule for extra help when needed. I am very grateful that she has joined our community to help me and others as well. Her teaching skills are very calming.  

Sincerely, Maren Porter